Terminal Equipment:

Description: C&N Petroleum Equipment is a high quality supplier of complex and effective terminal equipment in Africa

We supply fuel transfer equipment to the Terminal Industry within Africa. Our proudly South African, vapour recovery unit complements our tanker truck loading arms, Swing Joints that come in various designs, also various accessories. With materials that are suitable for low & ambient temperature, & also for chemical products use. Enhancing o-zone friendly terminals throughout the African continent.

C&N Petroleum Equipment Bottom Loading Arms:

Application: This loading arm is recommended when multiple cross-over is not required & servicing on both sides of the rack is necessary. The arm is also available as a vapour arm, LPG services & Liquefied Ammonia service.

Performance Testing for all Loading Arms:

- C&N has mounted all Assembled-Tested & Boxed Loading Arms on a test stand post & conducted a performance test to assure the full working of the loading arm, aswell doing pressure testing on all components.
- C&N has connected the Gas Strut counterbalance to achieve smooth movements & durability.
- C&N has checked all planes of rotation for proper functioning & smooth working of the Loading Arms.

Hydrostatic Testing for all Loading Arms:

- C&N has managed to executea hydrostatic test according to the test pressure.
- C&N made use of a test medium tha is a mixture of water and a corrosion-resistant additive.

Safety Precautions

Explosion hazard! Always properly ground the Loading Arm & the receiving loading container as the product flow causes static electricity. The failure to ground both the Loading Arm & the receiving loading container may cause an explosion, property damage, serious personal injury, & death.

Installing the Loading Arm

Strictly ONLY trained & skilled personnel who have read & fully understand this Manual can install the Loading Arm.

Assembling the Loading Arm

1) Always review assembly drawing & then confirm that all components are available & in good working condition.
2) Contact C&N immediately if you notice any missing or damaged components of the Loading Arm.
3) Be sure to clean all dirt from threads & all other parts of the Loading Arm.
4) You can begin assembly starting from the inlet end of the Loading Arm & working yourself up.
5) When making a threaded connection, be sure to apply a liberal coating of suitable & compatible thread sealant on the first three or four male threads to ensure full sealant of all components.
6) Use strap wrenches wherever possible to ensure latching and moving of the loading arm, & always use strap wrenches with aluminum parts.
7) REMEMBER: You may damage aluminum parts of the Loading Arm if you use a pipe wrench on them.

Maintaining the Loading Arm

You must perform the following service functions to maintain your Loading Arm:
1) Strictly only trained & skilled personnel, who have read & fully understand this manual should perform maintenance on the Loading Arms.
2) Before performing any maintenance on the Loading Arm, the entire installation must be shut down & turned off before proceeding with the process.
3) Be sure to remove all media from Loading Arm before performing any maintenance.
4) During the maintenance process, unauthorized people must be prohibited from standing under or near the Loading Arm.
5) During & after any maintenance, the Loading Arm inlet supply piping, suspension, & gas strut must be fine checked & verified before re-starting the system up again.
6) Inspect bolts & suspension points of the Loading Arm at least every THREE MONTHS for any weaknesses or splitting.
7) Be sure to inspect the Loading Arm for leaks at least every THREE MONTHS, & more often if you are transferring toxic or hazardous media through the Loading Arm.
8) Be sure that when partial or complete dismantling of the Loading Arm is necessary for maintenance, observe the same procedures & guard against the same risks as during the installation of the Loading Arm.
9) After performing any maintenance procedures, the Loading Arm must be tested per facility or local guidelines before the next use.

Our Terminal Equipment:

  • API Coupler Parking Adaptor
  • API Couplet Bottom Landing
  • Breakaway valve coupling
  • Loading arm balance system swivel
  • Fuel suction delivery hose
  • Loading arm spool piece
  • Loading arm swivel joint 360°
  • Loading arm balance system
  • Top truck loading arm
  • Truck bottom loading arm
  • Loading arm vapour cone
  • Vapour recovery coupler
  • Vapour recovery hose

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