C&N Petroleum Equipment

Mining Loading Arms

C&N Petroleum Equipment is a high-quality supplier of complex diesel fuel transfer equipment on mining sites in Africa.

With vapour cone or without, no man-power needed & the hose won't be left hanging or dragged on the floor

Our Mining Loading Arms are designed to minimize product loss at the loading and unloading facilities.

Complete Mining Loading Arms

Top Loading - Mining Loading Arms

Top loading is still a popular method of loading road and rail tankers in many countries and C & N Petroleum offer specially built top loading arms to suit your top loading requirements.

Top Loading provides an efficient and cost-effective way to load and unload in many mining situations.

C & N Petroleum top loading arms can reach the furthest compartment without having to move the vehicle and they have enough height movement to be able to safely load mining vehicles with varying heights.

Bottom Loading - Mining Loading Arms

Bottom loading is one of the most common methods to safely transfer product from a terminal or depot into a mining vehicle or tanker, C & N Petroleum are specialists in bottom loading and offer the most advance balance assemblies for use bottom loading applications.

  • Improved safety since operator remains on the ground during loading/unloading.
  • Reduce time to load/unload via snap-on API connection.
  • Less static electricity generated than typically Top Loading.
  • Bottom load systems can incorporate vapour recovery.
  • Tankers can be filled faster and several compartments can be loaded simultaneously.