C&N Petroleum Equipment

LPG Loading Arms

C & N Petroleum offers a custom designed low-profile loading arm for LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas).

The highly advanced 3" C & N Petroleum LPG loading arm is designed to provide efficient loading with an emphasis on occupational health and safety.

Features & Benefits

  • High-pressure swivels enable loading up to 120m3/hr.
  • LPG arms fold away for safe compact storage.
  • Electronic interlocks ensure the arm is disconnected and stowed.
  • Replaces the need for heavy and hard to handle liquid loading hoses.
  • Remote draining valve to empty final pipe section of liquid before disconnection.
  • Parallelogram linkage to hold outboard pipe section horizontal at all times.
  • With vapor cone or without, no man-power needed
  • The hose won't be left hanging or dragged on the floor

Technical Information

-All pipework & flanges are ASTM Standard for high-pressure use.
-Swivel bearing surfaces are nitride for hardness & seals are Teflon.
-Gaskets spiral wound metal.

Inlet flange 80mm diameter ANSI 300 raised face flange.
Optional free-standing mounting pillar available, rated to moment of 500kg.m.
Optional parking stand with proximity sensor also available.

Drive away protection
Double acting stainless steel emergency release dry-break coupling to protect against accidental drive-away of tanker with arm still attached.

Process Data
Designed for LPG from 0.5 to 0.6 s.g., 0.11cP viscosity, 2,000 litres/minute.
Design pressure 2,400 kPa, test pressure 3,600 kPa.
Design temperature +60°C to –30°C.
Normal working conditions 1,200 kPa max pressure and 0°C to 40°C temperature range.

Typical weight
Approx. 150kg.

Associated Equipment

Low Profile loading components

  • Primary arm with base swivel.
  • Balance assembly.
  • Gas struts
  • Secondary arm.
  • Double plane, coupler swivel assembly.
  • Multiple couplers options.
  • Butterfly valves.

·Improved Fuel Flowrates

A raised loading arm gives the best opportunity to optimise the dispensed flow rate of the fuel. Up to 1000lpm can be achieved.


Our load arms support the weight of the refuelling hose and coupling, saving the operator from manually handling loads, protecting them from strain. The raised position also minimises slip and trip hazards. For a full drive-away protection solution, the loading arm can be combined with a Banlaw nozzle holster.


Introducing a loading arm to your refuelling reduces wear and tear on the hose meaning less maintenance and increased service life of your equipment.

·Tailored Solutions

Our loading arms can be tailored to suit a variety of applications, including fixed refuelling bays and mobile service trucks. Each loading arm is installed with a variety of fuel dispensing equipment to suit your requirements.

·The C & N Petroleum Difference

C & N Petroleum loading arms are durable, effective and reliable.