Suppliers of Petroleum (Transfer) Equipment

Suppliers of Petroleum (Transfer) Equipment:

We manufacture proudly South African equipment and carry a wide range of internationally acclaimed petroleum equipment; Fuel loading equipment, Diesel suction, Vapour Cone, Delivery Hose, Vapour Recovery Hoses, Truck Bottom Loading Arm, Marine Loading Arm, Mining Break-away Valve Coupling, Jet A1 Refuelling Hose and the Api Coupler Parking Adapter just to name a few.

C&N Petroleum Equipment was established in 1992, with over 24 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry we have created an insight into this industry for many of our clients. We have proved our capability of being a leading provider of bulk liquid transferring solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Our extensive range of equipment covers all sectors of the oil and gas industry; terminal industry, railway industry, aviation industry, mining industry and the marine industry.

We deliver superior technology accompanied with a complete range of products designed for flexibility and reliability under the demanding applications for liquid transferring.

Outstanding Quality Standards & Protocols:

C&N Petroleum Equipment complies with all the international quality and safety protocols within the petroleum equipment institution (PEI)

The most prestigious international standard for the criteria for quality management systems:
We are also a PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN member.

Health, Safety & the Environment:

C & N Petroleum Equipment adheres to the health and safety regulations within the oil and gas industry (OHS Act). Repair, Refurbish or Restore of the equipment after inspection is done.


Quality is an integral part of our petroleum equipment and installation services, it is critical for us to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty now and in the future. Our aim is to be recognized for excellence in all sectors of the oil and gas industries. We also aim to facilitate, manage and maintain these high standards throughout the oil and gas industry.

Press Release:

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Contact Us:

Contact us for any enquiries on our products and services.

You can fill out an online enquiry and a representative we will get back to you as soon as possible or you can contact us directly on the listed contact details.

We pride ourselves in being the number one provider of bulk fuel loading and offloading equipment in Africa.

Proudly South African Fuel Loading Equipment, Diesel Suction & Delivery Hoses,

API Coupler Parking Adapters and many more!

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