Automatic Fuel Dispensing Nozzle

Automatic Nozzles

The C&N Petroleum range of automatic nozzles offer a broad range of flow rates to meet most applications for auto-shut off refuelling. The nozzles come standard with BSP inlet threads. A range of spare parts are available.

The ZQU range of automatic fuel nozzles is designed for ease of use with self-service bowser installations. The nozzle is impact, lightweight, easy and convenient to use. It is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service

The difference Between Automatic & Manual Fuel Nozzles

• AUTOMATIC (Petrol Station): OPW Automatic Nozzles are designed with a variety of dispensing applications in mind. From Pressure-Sensitive to Automatic Shut-Off, all OPW nozzles are ruggedly designed with today's consumer and fuelling bay in mind. Nozzle Accessories include full lines of Hand Insulators, Splash Guards and Flow Limiters.

• BULK FUELING AUTOMATIC: OPW's Automatic Nozzles for Bulk Fuelling are for heavy-duty, high-flow truck, bus and home fuel oil delivery service.

• MANUAL: OPW Manual Nozzles have been designed for a number of unique applications, including automatic bulk fuelling, over wing aircraft fuelling, high-flow fuelling and general utility fuelling. OPW has also created a number of parts and accessories that have been created specifically for these nozzles.