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Suppliers of Petroleum Transfer Equipment:

At C&N Petroleum Equipment, we bring insight and expertise to provide solutions that enhance the way organisations transfer petroleum or fuel between one point and another. C&N Petroleum Equipment was established in 1992 which gives us over 25 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We are confident in our ability to serve a wide range of disciplines from fuel liquid storage, fuel handling, safe product transfer and vapour recovery, fuel dispensing, and fuel discharge to loading.

C&N Petroleum Equipment is Africa's leading solution provider in Bulk Liquid Transfer Solutions, we pride ourselves in making available petroleum products that promise ultimate performance, safety, durability and reliability with excellent sales service throughout.

C&N Petroleum Equipment supplies and install Bulk Liquid Transfer Equipment for Depots, Petroleum Refineries, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Exploration sites, etc. Within these industries we supply unique equipment being: Fuel Pipes, Bottom Loading Couplers, Transfer Hose, Bulk Truck Loading Racks, Loading Rack Equipment, Folding Stairs, Break-Away Valves and couplings, Diesel Fuel Nozzles, Vapour Control Systems and Valves etc. for trouble free and safe operations.

As a Proudly South African company we can offer you Fuel Transfer Equipment service and maintenance scheduling, equipment and loading arm installations and root cause analysis on equipment failures. We have extended our range of services offered. Risk Identification, analysis and response planning.

Our extensive range of equipment covers all sectors of the oil and gas industry: Terminal Industry, Railway Industry, Aviation Industry, Mining Industry and the Marine Industry.

We deliver superior technology accompanied with a complete range of products designed for flexibility and reliability under the demanding applications for liquid transferring.

C&N also offers a wide range of different Loading Arm designs to suit our customer's needs. C&N designs, manufactures and installs a variety of Proudly South African loading arms such as Top loading, Bottom loading, Chemical loading, LPG Loading arms and many more. C&N's Loading arms are all Manually Operated Loading Arms.

Outstanding Quality Standards & Protocols:

C&N Petroleum Equipment complies with all the international quality and safety protocols within the petroleum equipment institution (PEI)

  • ISO 9001:2008
The most prestigious international standard for the criteria for quality management systems:
  • EN standards (European Standards 1765)
  • CEN Standards( Composite European Standards)
  • BS Standards (British Standards 1435)

We are also a PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN member.

Health, Safety & the Environment:

C & N Petroleum Equipment adheres to the health and safety regulations within the oil and gas industry (OHS Act). Repair, Refurbish or Restore of the equipment after inspection is done.
  • (ISO 9001:2008)
  • (EN 1765 STANDARDS)
  • (BS 1435 STANDARDS)


Quality is an integral part of our petroleum equipment and installation services, it is critical for us to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty now and in the future. Our aim is to be recognized for excellence in all sectors of the oil and gas industries. We also aim to facilitate, manage and maintain these high standards throughout the oil and gas industry.

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We pride ourselves in being the number one provider of bulk fuel loading and offloading equipment in Africa.